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Legal Counsel When Negligent Security Causes Personal Injuries

While going about daily activities or while on vacation, we rarely think of the possibility that inadequate premises security could put us in danger. We feel secure and focus our attention on enjoying the present moment. But accidents do happen because of negligent property owners failing to make their premises safe. If you were injured due to a lack of security on property other than your own, we can help you at Goldberg and Hirsh P.A..

In our decades of experience in negligent security personal injury cases, we have provided legal counsel to our clients in a variety of cases, including:

  • Sexual assault on adults and seniors.
  • Sexual assault and rape at hotels, malls and shopping centers; your place of business or the workplace; the gym; supermarkets; and other premises and establishments of a similar nature.

Grownups as well as senior citizens are all susceptible to aggressive sexual predators. Simply being a strong and healthy adult or a wise senior does not make you invulnerable to a sexual assault.

Information About Sexual Assault

The acts associated with sexual battery are not usually based on true sexual desires; they’re based on significant personality rifts and subconscious disorders with regards to control, shame and lack of control. There are many behaviors associated with sexual assault, sexual battery and assault as well as rape between adults. These assaults can happen in several commonly visited locations such as work areas, hotels, bars or clubs, sporting events, in the grocery store parking area or even at the gym.

Situations associated with sexual assault and rape also take place at all times of the day, including in broad sunlight; potential predators like to commit their dreadful acts where and when they think you might be susceptible to such an attack. While it’s true that many rapes of females will occur through the rapist being previously known to the actual rape prey, that statistic doesn’t always tell the actual story; total strangers, random and unknown attackers are also a danger.

Discuss Your Concerns With A Reliable And Dedicated Attorney

In the event you or a family member was a victim of a sexual assault, rape, sexual battery or was sexually molested, please give us a call right away at 305-909-6522 so that we can talk to you about your or your loved one’s rights as a sexual assault victim.

These claims are certainly quite involved and could incorporate things such as acquiring all of the law enforcement phone reports for any given neighborhood, block or perhaps an address during a particular period of time. These reports are subsequently reviewed by the law firm that’s representing you in order to determine whether it was due to the negligent security provided by the location where the attack occurred. We also use these reports to determine whether the owners/operators of these premises and establishments should reasonably have expected violent crimes such as rape and sexual assault to take place in their location based on the prior history of crimes and events of a similar nature happening prior to that.

These cases often hinge on whether the property owner should have taken better safety measures such as:

  • Putting up video monitoring
  • Adding secure fencing to a parking area
  • Employing security officers
  • Increasing the number and working hours of security officers
  • Limiting access to the entrance doors and gates
  • Properly lighting areas to eliminate potential spots where a predator could attack

In the office, management might be guilty of neglecting to take reasonable actions to minimize the possibility of sexual assault such as failing to observe, document or pay attention to known sexual harassers. Isolating the offending individual, relocating or moving the individual, or suspending the perpetrator instantly and asking for you to file criminal charges are considered reasonable actions.

Call For Personalized Legal Advice

If you’ve been the victim of one of these situations, call today at 305-909-6522 for a free of charge legal consultation with an experienced attorney at Goldberg and Hirsh P.A.. You can also reach us via our online intake form.