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Experienced Legal Advice After A Bicycle Accident

Bikes are wonderful. They allow you to experience independence, invigorating exercise, are really eco-friendly and help keep you healthy. Bike riders are entitled by law to share the road with motorists and motorists are expected to grant them due respect. Unfortunately, this is not often the case. Motorists should look out for bikes just as much or more than bicyclists ought to be cautious about cars, trucks, and tractor trailers. While bicyclists can produce fast on and off braking in an emergency, the automobile has the advantages of velocity, weight and stability. It is no secret who is going to win this kind of matchup in a collision.

This page offers information on bicycle accidents and injuries to bike riders including such subjects as:

  • Bicyclist hit by a car
  • Getting doored by a parked car
  • Crashes involving automobiles or heavy machinery turning left or right without seeing or acknowledging a lawfully riding cyclist
  • Florida helmet laws and regulations and use of helmets while riding a bike
  • Legal issues involving bike accident injury claims for compensation
  • The importance of having an experienced personal injury law firm by your side to represent you in your bicycle accident lawsuit against the negligent and responsible party (parties) for your bike injuries

Common Causes That Lead To Bicycle Accidents

There are many common crash situations involving bikes and automobiles including the following:

  • A car enters your lane unexpectedly and crashes into you and your bicycle
  • A vehicle driver does not look out for bicycles before opening a door into your lane of travel
  • The driver of an automobile, van or pickup fails to see you when making a right turn and crashes into you
  • A driver fails to notice you enter an intersection
  • A vehicle swerves into the bike path and hits you and your bicycle
  • Getting doored, or getting hit by a vehicle whose motorist was driving while ‘intexticated’ – also known as texting while driving

Florida has numerous flat roadways where bikers enjoy riding, often where cars and trucks are traveling with them. Unfortunately, many areas of our cities lack designated bike paths and collisions between bicycles and motor vehicles often result.

How a Lawyer Can Help You

Bike accident injury lawsuits call for an attorney who focuses on little details in the evidence. You will find that important pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are revealed through examination of these little details, particularly if there aren’t any eyewitnesses, you ended up being knocked unconscious in the crash or you were hit suddenly and cannot recall much about what happened.

Get The Legal Advice You Need To Protect Your Rights

As Florida bicycle accident lawyers, you’ll find we have substantial experience in assessing bike accident personal injury cases and lawsuits. A free-of-charge legal consultation is offered to go over the unique details of your particular situation with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Call us now at 305-909-6522 to know your options or reach us via our online intake form.