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The Cruise Ship Ticket Contract Fine-Print You May Have Ignored

When most people get on a cruise, they do not realize how their vacation might get turned upside down in the blink of an eye if they are injured or become the victim of a crime. The majority of cruise passengers are not aware of their rights. Usually, they are not aware of the details laid out in their cruise-ticket contract that can substantially impact the filing of a maritime injury claim against the negligent cruise line and the responsible parties.

Allow us to say something that you must be sure to remember before getting a ticket for a cruise ship vacation: Beware of the fine print!

Other Aspects You May Have Ignored That Could Lead To Legal Issues

Every cruise line inserts certain components in their ticket contracts that cover legal issues related to maritime injury claims. Conveniently, for the cruise line, these dispositions are cloaked within the fine-print section of the cruise ticket contract they sold you. While we use the words “cruise-ticket contract” or “cruise ticket-voucher,” this could also include other documents and papers and not just the ticket that you boarded the cruise with.

Examples of exactly where this fine print may be located include (but are not necessarily limited to) the cruise line webpage, booking agreements, brochures, online access to their internet site that is entered by clicking upon a disclaimer, and so on. There are two main legalities related to all this that may apply to your maritime accident claim:

  • Forum selection clauses
  • Statutes of limitation terminology

Forum Selection Clauses

A lot of cruise lines include forum selection clauses in their cruise-ticket contracts, where they limit the filing of a maritime lawsuit to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida – regardless of where you live, the port that you sailed from, or where specifically (jurisdiction) the incident occurred when the cruise was at sea.

As such, if you suffered injuries due to a cruise ship accident and wish to file a maritime injury claim against the cruise line, you may be restricted to hiring only personal injury lawyers who are licensed to practice in the state of Florida.

Several of the major cruise lines that pick Florida as the forum and venue in which to file a maritime injury claim or cruise ship lawsuit include, among others, the following cruise line organizations:

• Carnival Cruise Lines
• Celebrity Cruise Lines
• Costa Cruise Line
• Costa Crociere Cruise Line
• Norwegian Cruise Line
• SeaDream Cruise Line
• Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Statutes Of Limitations

In the most straightforward way of explaining them, the statute of limitation is a time limit for filing a maritime lawsuit that starts from the moment that your accident on the cruise occurred. In many instances, the victim has one year from the date of the accident to file a claim for compensation against the liable cruise line or any other negligent parties. Some cruise lines even require you to notify them about the event or accident within a strict timeframe from the moment that the incident unfolded.

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*We strongly suggest that you not completely rely upon the facts and content you see on this page, seeing that it relates to the cruise lines that select Florida as the forum/venue in which to file a cruise lawsuit as well as the time periods for filing that claim from the moment of your accident. We have no control over any potential changes that every single cruise line may possibly make to their ticket-contracts after this content has been published here. Maybe by the time that you read this, a few of the cruise lines will have altered their time limits, the notice requirement for the filing of a lawsuit, or possibly even the location or venue. We’d really like to update this internet site regularly, but there’s not a reasonably reliable manner of discovering the contractual modifications made by any particular cruise line until after they go ahead and actually make those changes or alterations. Also, there are instances in which out-of-state lawyers – as in, not licensed in Florida – can get a one-time basis authorization to represent a client in Florida, and some federal court admitted lawyers can basically function in between court districts without being required to have Florida lawyer’s license; nevertheless, most attorneys will surely require a Florida based and licensed lawyer to associate with them as co-counsel. The personal injury law firm of Goldberg and Hirsh P.A. has been involved in the field of cruise accidents and maritime injuries for a long period of time. Our lawyers have extensive experience litigating these sorts of claims. If you were injured in a cruise ship accident, please call us now for a free legal consult.