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Legal Support For Cruise Ship Passenger Crime Victims

The team of personal injury lawyers at Goldberg and Hirsh P.A. has represented numerous clients in cruise ship lawsuits for injuries resulting from crimes on cruise ships. Cruise ship crime denotes the harsh reality of accidents and injuries aboard a cruise – and they have nothing to do with icebergs on transatlantic voyages.

There’s a reason why you might not be totally aware of the surprising number of accidents and crimes that occur on cruise ships every year. That is mainly because there appears to be a worrying disconnect between the actual number of cruise ship accidents and crimes that occur on cruise liners every year, versus what gets reported to the proper authorities and recorded as official cruise statistics.

What is known though, is that while most vacationers consider cruise ships to be one of the safest types of travel in the world, in actuality they may perhaps comprise a risky endeavor where passengers run the risk of falling victims to maritime accidents, or in more serious cases, cruise ship crimes such as sexual assault, mysterious disappearances and even death.

Disappearances On Cruise Ships

Cruise ship crime statistics reveal that since 1995 there have been 165 disappearances on cruise ships. What happened to these people? Were they victims of an unprecedented wave of cruise ship crimes? Did they suffer an accident at sea and fall overboard the boat? Regrettably, no one knows. The fact is that cruise lines employ security officers to investigate these mysterious incidents; however, these officers do not always seal off crime scenes or detain and interrogate suspects.

The reality is that it is quite difficult for a detective to piece together a murder-at-sea case when there’s no body – meaning that the chances of finding a cruise ship passenger who fell or was intentionally thrown overboard are slim to none. Whatever actually happened to these missing persons – this statistic demonstrates that there really is no police on the high seas.

Sexual Assaults On Cruise Ships

It’s not only deaths and disappearances on cruise ships that seem to be a problem. Congressional hearings on cruise ship crimes have revealed a reported 178 cases of cruise ship sexual assault between the years of 2003 and 2005.

Representatives from the FBI testified to their belief that cruise ship sexual assault numbers were underreported. Further documents recently obtained under court order – indicate that Royal Caribbean alone recorded more than 100 complaints of rape and sexual battery on their cruises within the mentioned frame of time.

According to some worrying testimony from an ex-detective who worked as a cruise security officer for two cruise lines over a six-year span, as it relates to sexual assault on cruise ships, “It doesn’t matter what the class of ship is. Young women are particularly susceptible; particularly from crew members.”

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